What is Rezūm water vapour therapy?

Rezūm is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the natural energy stored in a few drops of water (steam) to treat the obstructing internal prostate tissue causing urinary symptoms.

Why choose Rezūm?

For men with urinary symptoms the benefits include:

  • No more BPH medications and their side effects

  • Clinical studies support that Rezūm relieves symptoms safely and effectively

  • Most patients see symptom improvement within two weeks

  • Simple Day stay procedure

  • Preserves erectile and urinary functions (leakage and retrograde ejaculation)

  • Ability to return to regular activities within a few days

  • Symptom relief that lasts

  • No permanent implant

Is Rezūm right for me?

Rezum is a great procedure to treat urinary symptoms. However every man’s clinical situation is unique, and therefore a comprehensive assessment and discussion of all the other options for treatment of urinary symptoms will be discussed at your clinical appointment. Men with very large prostates or those with catheters requiring rapid relief may benefit from other treatments. Simon is an expert in all forms of treatment for urinary symptoms and can therefore provide a tailored treatment.

What are the risks?

All treatments have inherent and associated risks. The Rezūm System is intended to relieve symptoms and obstructions, and reduce prostate tissue associated with BPH. It is indicated for men ≥ 50 years of age with a prostate volume 30cm3 ≤ 80cm3. The Rezūm System is also indicated for treatment of prostate with hyperplasia of the central zone and/or a median lobe. 

Potential risks include but are not limited to painful urination (dysuria), blood in the urine (hematuria), blood in the semen (hematospermia), decrease in ejaculatory volume, suspected urinary tract infection (UTI), and urinary frequency, retention or urgency.

When discussing with Simon he will go through all of this in detail and answer all of your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who may benefit from Rezūm?
Clinical studies show that many men living with BPH experience symptom relief with Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy. It’s an option for those who’ve given up on watchful waiting and lifestyle changes, men who’ve stopped or don't want to start taking BPH medications, or men not interested in other minimally invasive or surgical BPH procedures.

How much does Rezūm cost?
We are currently negotiating with the insurance companies for this to be funded. Some of the insurance plans will cover this procedure so we can discuss this further with you. For those who would like to self-pay for this we can give you a quote for the full cost of everything associated with the procedure.

Where is the Procedure performed?

The procedure is performed at the 161 day stay theatre, 161 Gillies Ave, Epsodm, Auckland

How painful is it? What happens after the operation?
Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy is performed under a short general anesthesia to avoid discomfort. Post procedure there is generally no severe pain. You will have a catheter in for 72 hours while the steam therapy works to avoid discomfort.

How quickly will I notice improvements?
Clinical studies show that most men experience symptom relief as soon as 2 weeks after the treatment, and improvements continue for up to 3 months.2 Patient responses can and do vary.

How soon can I return to regular activities?
Clinical studies show that most men return to regular activities within a few days.1 Your urologist will discuss this with you and make personal recommendations.

How long do the improvements last?
Current clinical studies demonstrate sustained symptom improvement out to 4 years and studies are ongoing to determine longer term patient outcomes.

Can Rezūm cause erectile dysfunction?
There are no reports of new erectile dysfunction as a result of Rezūm treatment. Based on a pivotal study, there is a possibility that an underlying condition may surface following treatment with the Rezūm System.